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We only host the anime episodes and manga chapters. We do not scan, edit or translate any of them.




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The following questions are ones Iíve had to answer or have seen asked many times and decided to put them onto one page. I also moved over the first three paragraphs from the update area since they are referrenced. If you have any questions about this page, the site, etc. feel free to e-mail Katrina at kittykatsemail@yahoo.com. Please make sure the question is not something found on this page or if it is you are asking for a more detailed answer.

Site Rules:
Please remember to read the Disclaimer for the manga/drama/anime we host. It is on your left hand side next to this update as well as every main page. If you do not understand what it means please e-mail Katrina at kittykatsemail@yahoo.com and I will explain it to you. Those who post something on the tagboard along the lines of "Release more of XXX!", "Upload XXX." or "When is the next chapter of XXX coming out?" will be banned from the site for one week, if they do it again it will be for 3 weeks, if they do it again they will NOT be taken off of the "banned" list.

New Release Rules!
Is a new chapter not up shortly after it's release? Well there's a good reason for that IF it's from one of the following groups; Shoujo Magic, MegKF, In2K2, No Deadline, Shoujo Love & Aerandria all require a 1 week delay for new releases! IF it's from one of the following group; Esthetique, Shoujo Crusade & Citrus Ego all require a 3 day delay for their new releases. Finally Little Corner requests that we just don't release the same day they do. That's right each of those groups have a one week waiting rule on their new releases. Animanga supports the decisions of those groups and will NOT host any new release in any form of those groups. Please do not beg, whine, cry, plead, be a royal you know what, etc. if let's say a chapter of Love Monster is released. It won't help things and you WILL be suspended for 2...that's right I said TWO weeks. If you want their releases sooner learn IRC. Also upon request nothing by Aerandria can be put up for online viewing.

Animanga is a reupload by VOTING site.
What does this mean? It means that I put up a link to a poll in our community forum of series that need to be reuploaded. I then wait for about a week or 10 votes. I then reupload the series in the order that they "won". I will reupload any series, even if they only get one vote. Once I have reuploaded everything from that poll that was voted for I then give myself a break and then put up a new poll and the cycle starts all over again.

ďThe password isnít working for X section.Ē Canít you just give me a link to the section?

No, I do not just hand out passwords or links to sections. 9 out of 10 people have the wrong answer or were entering it in incorrectly. Many times the problem is very simple. Please make sure you have done the following before you e-mail me. 1) Make sure you are not putting a space before or after the word. 2) Make sure you are writing it EXACTLY how I have it written in the above paragraphs. I cannot stress this enough. I could only have one password option which is why itís written in exactly how I have it written in the paragraph. 3) Make sure you do not have caps lock on. All passwords are case sensitive.

When you e-mail me and you are having problems with X section please make sure you have an idea of what the password is. If you do not then I will be giving you the information above until you have an idea. There have been some very rare cases where the correct password does not work for some people. (Iím talking about only 2 people for two different sections.) In such cases please contact me with the password that you are entering in and exactly how you are entering it in.

Questions about Animanga Network

Question: I'm in the drama section, but none of the drama links are showing up, why?
Answer: If I feel that too much bandwidth has been used I will disable the drama section since those files are the largest. Please remember that while we have a lot more bandwidth it's being shared. If everyone only downloads what they will watching within a couple of days I shouldn't have to, but it can happen.

Question: Why was I suspended/banned?
Answer: There are many reasons you might be suspended or banned. You may have been rude/disrespectful to the staff of Animanga or you could have broken any of the rules of Animanga. If you feel you were suspended or banned unfairly send Katrina an e-mail for a reason why. If there was a misunderstanding she will let you come back. However, be warned if you piss her off even more by being rude and not nice about the ordeal she may just make it permanent. :) Why do you think she has the title ďevilĒ in the first place?

Question: X series has dead links; who do I tell?
Answer: You can leave a message on the Tagboard or you can send the person in charge of that section an e-mail. Katrina is in charge of manga and dramas. Kitty is in charge of the anime. Please make sure that when notifying us you are not breaking any of our Site Rules.

Question: Do you get paid to run this site?
Answer: No, no one gets paid for this site. In fact itís quite the opposite since I pay money to make the drama section easier for download. This is a hobby for all of us and believe it or not I do this to relax away from my job. While it is work, itís much different then what I do for a living. Thatís right the Evil Mistress has a career and it doesnít include taking care of this site. :)

Question: X chapter of X series has been released and is not part of the ďNew Release RulesĒ, is it ok to let Katrina know?
Answer: This question is not an easy one. If Katrina has done an update since the release, then yes, by all means please do tell her. If Katrina has not done an update after the release then please wait. She may just be busy and hasnít gotten to updating the site with it just yet. Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, put them together and you get a happy face. XD

Question: A page on Photobucket is SOOO tiny, can you fix it please?
Answer: I am sorry, but we have no control on what Photobucket does to the pages that are uploaded. My only suggestion is to download the chapter.

Question: An episode is split into two parts, how do I put them back together?
Answer:You put them together with an HJ Spliter. You can download it here