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We only host the anime episodes and manga chapters. We do not scan, edit or translate any of them.




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These are the wonderful staff members who bring you the anime and manga!

Katrina: ()
Position: Webmistress, ICO Manga, Manga, Anime and Drama uploader
Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket/Hana Yori Dango tied for first :)
Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket/Hana Yori Dango (duh :))
Favorite Food: Pocky or these yummy Korean fried things my mom makes not sure what they are called, but it's good! :)
Favorite color: Blue or purple
Email Me kittykatsemail [at] yahoo [dot] com

Position: ICO Anime
Favorite Manga: Angel Sanctuary and Basara
Favorite Anime: Gundam Seed and Gravitation
Favorite Food: spaghetti bolognese
Favorite Color: blue

Position: drama uploader, layout designer
Favorite Manga: hmm..charisma doll, max lovely, vampire knight
Favorite Anime: that's also hard..but I'll say Trigun and Full Metal Alchemist
Favorite Food: CANDY! CANDY! CANDY!
Favorite Color: Blue or Purple
Email Me

Position: Photobucket Uploader
Favorite Manga: Hunter x Hunter, Kimi Wa Petto, Love Monster, Love Celeb
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Gokusen, Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist, ... (Gosh! There's just too many!)
Favorite Food: uhmm.. chocolates? :D
Favorite Color: Purple

Position: Anime uploader
Favorite Manga: too many, infinite number
Favorite Anime: so far Host Club is my number 1
Favorite Food: spicy food, junk food, and CANDY!
Favorite Color: Pink

Position: Anime Uploader Favorite Manga: Skip Beat!, Fruits Basket, Uwasa no Midori-kun, Milk Crown, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, and so many more! Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Witch Hunter Robin, Prince of Tennis, Gundam Seed Destiny, and again so many more! Favorite Food: ice cream (especially strawberry or cookie dough) Favorite Color: blue

AlphaBeta: ()
Position: Co-Admin (Webmaster, uploader, ICO radio, etc.)
Favorite Manga: ...
Favorite Anime: Elfen Lied, GTO, Full Metal Alchemist, Shaman King
Favorite Food: shrimp
Favorite Color: Green
Email Me
Position: Summarizer
Favorite Manga: OMG!! How do I choose .... ^^;;
Favorite Anime: Urm ... Escaflowne and InuYasha (at the moment)!
Favorite Food: Seefood (nope not spelt wrong - I see food and I eat it!) *yummy*
Favorite Colour: Hummm, depends on my mood ....

Position: Anime Helper

Position: Anime Helper

Position: Anime Helper

Position: Anime Helper

Position: Drama Helper

*special thanks to Killua who uploaded Hana Yori Dango drama and Gokusen!

*special thanks to Keka who uploaded Air ^^

Inactive Staff Members
+Lil Coron

**note: Are we missing you? Please tell us asap!!! we don't want to not give you the credit *tear*
**Also note that because we really would like all the staff members to be active, if you are inactive (haven't done anything for months) without letting us know, then we will be taking you off the staff ^^;; sorry, but we don't really want a huge list of ppl.

1. Photobucket donators. Sign up for an account at http://www.photobucket.com and send us the password ^^

2. We REALLY NEED anime uploaders. =D if you have any anime that you would like to upload or any of the previous episodes on this site, please send Kitty and e-mail!

3. Cover Scans::
Job:: Send us a manga cover scan of any of manga whose covers we don't have. Please resize it to 100 x 155 pixels.

4. Layout maker/designer - Needs to make layouts reasonably well ^^ When applying, please send me a sample of your work.