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We only host the anime episodes and manga chapters. We do not scan, edit or translate any of them.




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Besides a summary I have also put a warning for what each series contains. Even if it's just one scene I added it to the warning. The list of things you might find in the warning are: kissing, sex, graphic sex, detailed graphic sex, statutory rape, rape, incest, sodomy and petting. If the series is active and future chapters bring up topics that were not there before I will add them to the warning.

Also please keep in mind that in Japan people are allowed to have sex at age 16, some places age 12. Since these are Japanese manga while there it's considered a taboo and barely legal relationship it is considered statutory rape in some countries. Thus I have put that warning for those of you who might not want to read those sorts of stories. They are legal relationships in Japan though. Also most stories it's very hard to tell what age they are or grade they are in.

I hope you enjoy the series I've picked up!

Katrina the evil Webmistress

Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery

Active series:
After 5 wa Kiss no Ame
Jinsei Wa Barairo Da
Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!
Okane Ga Nai
Private Prince
Sakura Gari

Completed series:
1999nen 7 no Tsuki Shanghai
Abiru Junjou
Aisubeki Dokusaisha
Aitsu to Ore
Dekiru Otoko
From Dusk Till Dawn
Gokuraku Cafe
Kishidou Club
Knights Susume
Koi no Okite
Koi wa Keiyaku no Atode
Only You
Oyaji Hiroimashita
Renai Junkie
Saa Koi Ni Ochitamae
Touch Blue

One Shots:
One Shots