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We only host the anime episodes and manga chapters. We do not scan, edit or translate any of them.




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Warning! You are entering a section for shounen-ai and yaoi! The following contains homosexual boy love stories. If you are uncomfortable with the topic please do not click enter and go back. By clicking enter you understand that we are not responsible for anything you download and feel uncomfortable about. You are agreeing that Animanga is not accountable for any feelings you have or the subject matter that you download. You realize that the tagboard may contain discussions of boy love and that unless it's very explicit Animanga will not control what is being said. If something explicit is said Animanga will delete the tag and the person will be suspended for 1 week.

Animanga is a hosting site. We do not translate, edit, proof or own anything we host. We do this as a service to those who cannot or don't know how to use IRC. If you love a series please visit the group's website and tell them. Give your thanks to those who deserve it by putting in the time and effort to give us the ability to share their work with you.